D'Arcy Spice apple

D’Arcy Spice apple

Ros asked

About a month ago I bought a D’Arcy Spice apple tree from you. Do I need to prune it before spring? Also, as I’ve now discovered that I won’t be able to plant it in the ground until next winter and it will have to live in a pot this year, what depth/width should this be?

Mark replied

If the tree is a single stem then cut it now to 1m above the pot just above a bud with a sloping cut. If it hasn’t reached tht height then leave to branch naturally from the top/terminal bud.

If it is branched then leave it but remove any low branches now. Cut flush to the stem & don’t leave snags.

Re-pot into a larger pot (double existing with compost/loam mix) along with some slow release fertiliser. Firm in well & support the tree with something until roots grow into new compost.

Either link to a water tub or remember to keep watered from about May onwards.  It really helps to fix either newspaper or some other porous material on top of the compost and weigh it down with gravel or stones.  This looks nice too!

Hope that helps