Question about Comice pears in pots

Comice pears

Doyenne du Comice

Mike asked

“We have a small lawned garden  and we would ike to grow a Comice pear in a large pot. Is this feasible and how much would a tree cost inc delivey?”

Mark replied

“Conference, Comice or Corcorde would go very well in containers as long as you are able to feed and water them.

We have any of those in pots as nicely branched trees ready to go straight into a larger container.

The only thing that occurs to me is that Comice does need extra pollination, so unless you have other pears nearby, I would advise buying Conference as well

The other idea is to buy one of our family trees with Conference, Comice and Williams grafted on the same stem.

All of our potted trees are £25 and the family trees are £35 plus delivery of £10 for either one or two potted trees.”