Current stock list and prices

Our stock list includes descriptions of all of the fruit trees and soft fruits we currently have, along with the type of plants available and their prices.

Just click on the image below to download the stock list as a pdf  file that you can keep on your own computer or just print off.

(If printing you should know that it is over 20 pages long)

apples.4A quick note about roots

Our fruit trees come as either bare rooted or pot grown.  Bare rooted means that they are fresh dug from the field and sold without anything on the roots!

We wrap the roots in a polythene bag and make sure that they are moist when sent off to you.

It is very important that you keep the roots moist (not soaking wet -  just moist) and cool (not in direct sun or in the house).  If the weather is very cold and frosty when your tree arrives make sure that the roots don’t get frozen.

If kept moist and cool the trees will be fine for a month, but try and plant them as soon as possible. They are much happier in the ground!

Bare rooted trees must be planted between December 1st and March 31st whilst the trees are dormant.  In fact the earlier you can get them in over the winter the better.  It just allows them to settle in and start developing root hairs so that they can begin to drink quickly when they wake up in the spring.

If they are planted too late then they must be carefully watered throughout the summer months.


Mark Mount writes